New combined heat and power unit for the generation of energy and heat

HANSA works in Burglengenfeld

HANSA is modernizing the way in which it generates energy and heat at its works in Burglengenfeld by using a combined heat and power unit (CHP). In doing so, the fittings manufacturer is backing modern self-energy generation with power-heat coupling. Burglengenfeld is one of the four central production sites of the Oras Group.  

Reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions with self-energy generation
The efficient, new CHP generation unit at the HANSA works will power an area of 16,000 square meters in the future. It will provide 50 percent of the total electricity consumption and approx. 95 percent of the heating requirements. The works in Burglengenfeld have a total area of 22,513 square meters with a 10,960 square meter production area.
Thanks to the CHP, heat will be generated at a low temperature level from now on and it is thus particularly efficient and economical. In addition to the modernization of the distribution system and the hydraulic heat outlet, the heat energy savings owing to the improvement of the ventilation technology as well as the development of a combined heating system are further advantages resulting from the re-equipment. 

Since the concept of sustainability plays a central role in the entire Oras Group, the reduction of CO2 emissions guaranteed by the CHP is a significant factor. Approx. 1,000 tons of CO2 will be saved every year. 

Mayor Thomas Gesche visited the HANSA works and took part in the festive launch of this modernization measure. The new CHP was commissioned on 1st July 2016.

HANSA: tradition meets innovation
Top-quality materials, cutting-edge technologies, beautifully designed products: as a German quality brand with over 100 years of tradition, HANSA is setting standards in the sanitary industry. The well-established and ultra-modern production site in Burglengenfeld – where both high-quality visionary designer fittings and proven, classic bathroom solutions are produced – is once more demonstrating its strong national and international market position. High-quality production is guaranteed by the continuous training and development of our qualified employees and by investments in modern technology. 

Including its subsidiaries and agencies in more than 60 countries, Hansa currently employs around 600 members of staff around the world. The Oras Group has been formed of the Finnish fittings manufacturer Oras Ltd. – the market leader in Northern Europe – and Hansa since 2014.