Aesthetic design with intelligent technology

An inspiring partnership: HANSA and Alessi

Stuttgart/Frankfurt am Main – The Italian Factory of Design Alessi with design experts such as Mario Trimarchi and Rodrigo Torres has entered into a new partnership with HANSA. The result? Product innovations which combine the creativity of aesthetic design with intuitive operation and intelligent technology. 

When the Italian team of designers around entrepreneur Alberto Alessi and the German fittings manufacturer HANSA established their cooperation, it was just a matter of time before the partnership yielded elegant products based on top-quality technology. Both Alessi and HANSA know exactly how to combine professional expertise, quality and inspiration in an effortless manner. 
Fascinated by the creative design world of bathrooms and kitchens, Alessi is responsible for strategic marketing, design, management and communication in the partnership; HANSA, as a guarantor of quality as well as perfect industrial production of fittings, is devoted to developing, manufacturing and distributing the new product solutions.
The common goal: developing innovative products which meet the expectations of contemporary audiences and which also correspond to market conditions in an increasingly globalized and competitive age.

The results of this exciting cooperation – elegant design objects which combine functional benefits and intuitive operation in an intelligent and inspiring manner – demonstrate that the exceptionally striking signature of the Italian design label Alessi harmonizes naturally with the fittings manufactured by HANSA.