HANSAELECTRA: first choice in public sector

New electronic fittings concept

Stuttgart/Frankfurt am Main – Hygienic, comfortable, economical: using sensory-operated fittings offers multiple benefits for the public sector. However, not every electronic fitting is suitable for every sanitary facility. The demands placed on design and function are individual. With the new HANSAELECTRA concept, HANSA is offering a solution which meets all demands. All currently existing electronic fittings lines for the public sector have been brought together in this product family.

Users of sanitary facilities in public and semi-public buildings expect user-friendly fittings technology and the highest degree of hygiene. Reliable and economical operation takes priority for the operators. On top of that, there are also potentially huge architectural requirements which may be different depending on the interior design. Thanks to its outstanding wealth of product variants, HANSAELECTRA has the right product for all individual preferences and constructional prerequisites in its range. With the new app, the settings of several of the HANSAELECTRA fittings can now be quickly adapted to altered user requirements and serviced at the touch of a button.

Unlimited diversity of use
There is no uniform type of interior design in the public sector. Different demands will be placed on the design of the fittings in a hotel than at a motorway service station, for example. Whether a wall-mounted or free-standing fitting, whether a short or long spout, whether variants for the washbasin or for the shower: with its broad product range, the HANSAELECTRA line guarantees almost unlimited diversity of use. Planners and operators can thus optimally meet individual requirements.

High standards of hygiene, low water and energy consumption
Publicly-used sanitary facilities are heavily frequented areas. Both water consumption and contamination levels are greater than in private households, particularly as the user does not have to pay for their consumption and can generally not be made responsible for any contamination or damages. For reasons of both efficiency and hygiene, it is thus worth investing in top-quality sensory-operated fittings, like those in the HANSAELECTRA range, for example.
They adapt the water consumption to what is required. The water only flows when it is actually needed – and with a pre-defined amount. This results in great water and energy savings which, of course, has a positive effect on overall operating costs.
HANSAELECTRA also impresses with its high standards of hygiene: since no skin contact is required for operation thanks to the innovative sensor technology, the risk of transferring germs and bacteria can be reduced quite significantly. The fittings body also remains cleaner for longer. The effort required for cleaning and maintenance is thus minimized.
The whole HANSAELECTRA range also impresses when it comes to ease of installation. An example: the new battery-operated sensory wall-mounted fitting for cold water and mixed water connections, the spout of which can be dismounted separately without the entire fittings body. Additional hand grips are not required. This saves valuable time and makes working more efficient.

Compatible with the HANSABLUEBOX concealed system
In order to make the work of sanitary installers as simple as possible, the new battery-operated sensory fitting for wall mounting can be installed with the HANSABLUEBOX concealed system. A variant with temperature mixing as well as a model for cold water and mixed water connections – both of which come with three spout lengths – are available to choose from.