Hybrid fitting: both sensory- and manually-operated

For customers who want the best of both worlds

Stuttgart, August 2016. Sensory fittings have long since been the norm in the public sector. But what about in the private bathroom? Fitters now have the perfect solution for customers who, until now, could not make their minds up with regards to electronics – HANSASIGNATUR HYBRID can be operated both sensorily and manually. 

Quality, design, sustainable water use – until now, these were the most common customer demands placed on a washbasin mixer. However, these demands now also include multi-functionality. Users are becoming more and more familiar with electronic fittings, which they have come across in public sanitary facilities and hotel bathrooms – and which they have come to appreciate. But hardly anyone wants to completely do away with manual operation.

No problem: you can now have the best of both worlds!
Thanks to the dual structure of the HANSASIGNATUR HYBRID, users can choose between the classic single-lever mixer use and a sensory function.
From the point of view of professionals, the fitting is thus a clear-cut recommendation for customers who do not wish to completely do away with the manual fitting, but who want to be able to benefit from the advantages of both operating variants – depending on actual needs.

The good news for fitters? The HANSASIGNATUR HYBRID not only meets even the most challenging of customer demands, but it also guarantees an unproblematic and uncomplicated installation.

For multi-functionality at the washbasin
The unique functionality is reflected in the dual structure of the hybrid fitting. The lever and the spout are clearly separated from one another. And there is a great bonus when it comes to user-friendliness: thanks to the angle of inclination as well as the height of the 150-degree swivel spout, there is greater freedom for hands and movement.
If the user selects sensory operation, pleasantly tempered water – at a pre-set temperature of 38 degrees Celsius – automatically flows out of the spout when the user’s hands approach the infrared sensor. The setting can be individually adapted to meet a wide variety of requirements. 

The hybrid model with a standard lithium battery optionally comes with a pull-out hand shower or mobile functional shower for installation at the washbasin. 

In addition to a great deal of user comfort, the concept impresses with a controllable, flexible as well as sustainable water use – it consumes just six liters of water per minute. 

The particularly effective design of the fitting has also been recognized by the jury of the German Design Council, who presented the HANSASIGNATUR HYBRID with the coveted 2016 German Design Award as a “special mention”.