Saving water safely

Essential: Thermostat fittings in the property segment

Stuttgart, July 2015. The DVGW recommends thermostatic scalding protection in sanitary facilities in nurseries, childcare facilities and care homes. Modern thermostats like HANSAUNITA are the only way to guarantee maximum safety and the greatest possible comfort in age-appropriate bathrooms. And they even reduce water and electricity consumption.    

Age-appropriate bathrooms need to reduce hazards, offer their users the greatest possible comfort, and enable the level of independence that everyone wants. User-friendliness is therefore a key priority in the property segment. A thermostat fitting in the bathtub or shower meets the highest safety and technical standards. It protects children and the elderly against scalding by maintaining a constant, preset temperature. As a positive side effect, a thermostat also reduces water and electricity consumption. That reduces both the risk of injury and the cost. 

The HANSAUNITA range from fitting manufacturer HANSA allows attractive, safe and affordable solutions for modern multi-generational bathrooms.

Safe and carefree in the bath and shower 
HANSAUNITA provides reliable protection against scalding. Preset to 38 degrees Celsius and equipped with a safety lock, the thermostat prevents the water from unintentionally becoming too hot. Because the temperature control on HANSAUNITA is on the left-hand side, the hot water only passes through the interior of the thermostat very briefly, so the housing does not become hot. The THERMO COOL function acts as scald protection and offers additional safety, as the metal body cannot overheat. This means that the outside thermostat remains cool to the touch. 

HANSAUNITA is also characterised by its fast adjustment time, which makes it particularly efficient. The water-saving button allows the water consumption during a bath or shower to be reduced significantly. 

Of course, alongside safety and technology, looks also play a key role. The perfect starting thermostat with a simple, slimline design vocabulary and a diameter of just 40 millimetres integrates harmoniously into any bathroom. With its modern, universal design, HANSAUNITA fits in with a range of furnishing styles and unlocks a wide variety of combination options.

Good to know: The thermostat is suitable for thermal disinfection in accordance with DVGW W551 (when the temperature lock is not installed).