back to Overview With a contemporary design and modern technology, HANSA’s new products guarantee a unique showering experience. Photo: Hansa Armaturen GmbH
With a contemporary design and modern technology, HANSA’s new products guarantee a unique showering experience. Photo: Hansa Armaturen GmbH

For a very special showering experience

The new shower ranges by HANSA

Stuttgart, November 2016. Modern, comfortable and uncomplicated: just three words to describe HANSA’s current new products for the shower.
HANSA is proving its high level of expertise in the shower segment with the shower ranges HANSABASICJET and HANSACLASSICJET as well as the HANSAMICRA shower thermostat. Whether as single items or as a practical renovation package – the new products for more comfort in the bathroom impress all-round.

The new HANSABASICJET and HANSACLASSICJET ranges as well as the accompanying shower rail sets guarantee a feel-good showering experience. With their fresh and contemporary design, they upgrade every bathroom and meet the individual demands of each and every customer.
Combined with the modern HANSAMICRA thermostats for the shower and bathtub, they guarantee maximum comfort.
The new shower ranges offer added value for fitters, too: the showers may be quickly installed or replaced in the bathroom with minimal effort and are thus an uncomplicated affair.

HANSABASICJET – modern shower with a linear design
The new HANSABASICJET family includes two fresh hand shower classics with a linear design, clear geometrical lines and soft edges. With a diameter of 95 millimeters, the shower head is extremely easy to handle.
Whether pure shower pleasure with the single-stream variant or variation with the three-stream model – the HANSABASICJET family has the perfect solution for every need. The type of water stream can be easily adjusted – with just one hand – by means of an integrated diverter. As required, they guarantee either relaxation or refreshment and may limit the amount of water consumed thanks to the EcoFlow function.
Another attractive feature of the HANSABASICJET is the integrated THERMO COOL function. This protects the user against scalding, as the outer shower housing conducts minimal heat.
Practical: the silicon nozzles prevent lime from gathering on the shower head. This is a clear advantage for the user as no more time has to be wasted on removing lime residues and the products remain functional for longer periods of time.

HANSACLASSICJET – the shower for cross-generational bathrooms 
The new HANSACLASSICJET differs visually from the HANSABASICJET with its distinctive, conical shower head. The shower is particularly ergonomic thanks to the oval handle which the user is able to grip securely even with wet hands. The additional highly contrasting visual appearance – with a light chrome housing and a dark shower base – turns HANSACLASSICJET into the perfect hand shower in cross-generational bathrooms where special demands are placed on ergonomics and tactility. For more comfort and safety in the shower. 
Of course, the HANSACLASSICJET also has the anti-lime technology, the EcoFlow water limiter and the THERMO COOL function. 

The perfect combination: shower rail sets
The HANSABASICJET and HANSACLASSICJET hand showers are available in a perfectly coordinated combination with accompanying shower rail sets for the shower and bathtub. These come in two versions: the shorter 650-millimeter version and the maximum-length 750-millimeter version. 
Thanks to the infinitely adjustable wall brackets, the shower rails are suitable for all existing drill holes or will at least be able to find an appropriate joint for installation.
Their ease of use impresses, too. The shower slider of both the HANSABASICJET and the HANSACLASSICJET shower rail sets can be easily and precisely adjusted: the angle of inclination can be modified via a stable detent mechanism; the height can be adjusted at the touch of a button, which may be securely gripped even with wet, soapy hands. This also applies to the soap tray made from acrylic. With its generous size and high edges, it not only looks attractive, but is also extremely functional.
If you attach particular importance to the cross-generational bathroom, then you will choose the CLASSICJET variant with a handhold on the shower rail. This allows the user to adopt a particularly stable stance, which guarantees a safe, feel-good showering experience. 

HANSAMICRA – the shower thermostat for simple and safe operation
The HANSAMICRA thermostat concept for the shower and bathtub provides the user with simple and safe operation. This is guaranteed, for example, by the integrated stop button as well as several handholds, which offer a safe grip. 
HANSAMICRA is visually impressive, too: the thermostat has a sleek, attractive and contemporary design.
In order to guarantee a carefree, feel-good showering experience with a clear conscience, the thermostat has not only a 38°C safety lock, but also the THERMO COOL function and the EcoFlow water limiter.

Bathroom renovation with minimal effort
Practical: the HANSABASICJET shower rail set and the HANSABASICJET hand shower now come in a renovation package with HANSAMICRA. The set has a particularly big effect if you are completely renovating your bathroom, since it allows each and every bathroom to be upgraded in an uncomplicated manner.