HANSA at Charité Berlin

Special fittings for the healthcare sector

Stuttgart/Frankfurt am Main – With the new Charité Mitte Emergency Center – Rudolf-Nissen-Haus and the Charité Mitte block of wards, the tradition-steeped University Medical Department in Berlin is now one of the most modern university hospitals in Europe. The successful renovation of the landmark on the historic campus concludes the major construction project of the merged Charité. Patients and staff will now be able to benefit from maximum comfort and ultra-modern technology – especially when using the sanitary facilities. Why? Because patient bathrooms, treatment rooms, intensive care rooms, semi-public WCs, accessible sanitary rooms, staff kitchens and care workspaces have all been fitted out with a wide variety of special fitting solutions by HANSA.

Charité plays a key role in the provision of healthcare to people in the rapidly growing region around the capital city. It is a beacon of science, an important training ground for the next generation of doctors and nurses and is one of the biggest public sector employers in the city of Berlin.
The block of wards – opened in 1982 as a visible ‘calling card’ of Charité in the Mitte area – has been completely renovated. In addition to the introduction of an energy-efficient façade, the renovation also included a refitting of the interiors with ultra-modern products. 
The comprehensive reconstruction and renovation measures on the Charité Mitte campus began in January 2014 – after less than three years of construction, the first patients were moved into the building in December 2016. The new building “Charité Mitte Emergency Center – Rudolf-Nissen-Haus” for surgery, intensive care and central emergency wards as well as the 21-floor block of wards are home to approximately 620 beds. The costs for the entire project amounted to a total of 202.5 million euros.
The completion of the enormous construction project has improved the conditions for patients as well as doctors and nursing staff no end. In addition to new care support bases, all wards are now equipped with state-of-the-art technology. This is also the case for the sanitary facilities in which special fitting solutions by HANSA for the healthcare sector have been installed: HANSAMEDIPRO, HANSATEMPRA, HANSACARE thermostats and HANSAMEDIJET hand showers.

Comfort and hygiene in all areas
Nowhere else is the focus on safety and hygiene greater than in hospitals. However, it is also important to provide staff and patients with a great degree of comfort when using the sanitary facilities. 
For this very reason, Charité opted for the HANSAMEDIPRO wall-mounted mixer with a loop-shaped operating lever. The versatile special fitting can be found in a variety of places in the ward: not only in patient bathrooms, but also in the treatment rooms, semi-public WCs, accessible sanitary rooms, staff kitchens as well as in the care workspaces.
Developed together with the GGT Deutsche Gesellschaft für Gerontotechnik® (German Association for Gerontechnology) specifically for the healthcare sector, such as clinics and hospitals, it impresses with its operating comfort, safety and hygiene. 
The particularly clear warm/cold signs on the lever and the generously-sized loop-shaped operating lever, for example, guarantee easy use and maximum freedom of movement. A hot water restrictor has been integrated into the fitting in order to prevent the risk of scalding.
The rounded design of the HANSAMEDIPRO meets the highest hygiene requirements: by doing without dirt-collecting edges and incorporating connections which are sealed three times over against splash water, germ formation is significantly reduced.
The special fitting also impresses with its particularly high degree of quality. An example of this is the HANSAPROTEC system which preserves the existing drinking water quality. The brass alloy used in the product is resistant to dezincification and offers protection against corrosion. All brass components which may come into contact with the water have a maximum lead content of 0.3 percent and are not coated in nickel.

Intensive care unit – where absolutely safety is required
Hygiene is the top priority in the intensive care rooms of the new emergency center. The HANSATEMPRA wall-mounted mixer perfectly fulfils this requirement and also provides maximum comfort. Its long operating lever can be activated with the forearm – without the need to use hands – thus ensuring that the fitting can be perfectly integrated into the work processes of everyday clinical practices. Equally practical: thermal disinfection can be carried out on the side of the thermostat. The 38° Celsius safety valve, which can only be overridden by pressing a button, offers protection against scalding. 

Showering comfort – protection against scalding
The right temperature is the essential thing when washing, showering and bathing ill people who require care. In order to avoid scalding, the HANSACARE exposed thermostats – which are installed in the patient showers at the Charité block of wards – come with a factory-programmed safety valve, preset at 38° Celsius, for optimal protection. Its short adjustment times as well as optimal water management also save up to 60 percent water and energy – something which is a huge benefit, especially when it comes to efficient cost management.
The HANSACARE exposed thermostat has also been designed with concealed connections, a special flow-control knob, temperature limiter and temperature selector knob. HANSACARE is suitable for simple thermal disinfection in line with DVGW W 551 without the need to dismount the handle beforehand.
When it is combined with the low-in-aerosol HANSAMEDIJET hand shower, the patient can enjoy a pleasant, care-free and hygienic showering experience.