HANSA: green building in sanitary areas

The new sensory design fittings

Stuttgart, July 2015. Green building is the term for a building developed in line with the principles of sustainability. This trend for using resources sparingly also applies to sanitary areas. Economical washbasin options with sensory operation, such as those from HANSA, are becoming popular here. The design-orientated series HANSALOFT, HANSALIGNA and HANSASTELA impress with intelligent technology and an extravagant look. 

Both public and private bathrooms are becoming ever greener. After all, thinking and acting economically saves both the environment and money. At the same time, architects and planners are faced with the challenge of meeting high user expectations when it comes to the hygiene, aesthetics and functionality of a washbasin. Electronically controlled fittings meet these standards perfectly and are more economical and convenient than one-handed mixer taps.

For the upscale private and property segment, HANSA now also offers its HANSALOFT, HANSALIGNA and HANSASTELA series as particularly economical, sensory washbasin options.

Green technology, extravagant design
Equipped with innovative sensor technology, the new sensory options not only allow hygienic and convenient use, but also save resources. The contemporary fittings consume just six litres of water per minutes and stop the flow of water automatically after use. This means that water only flows when it is truly necessary. 

HANSA uses only premium-quality materials in order to produce an attractive look and maintain the water quality. The fitting body made from the low-corrosion, dezincification-resistant brass alloy MS 63 and the water course without nickel coating offer true luxury and guarantee unrestricted enjoyment of drinking water even in the bathroom.  

With their impressive design and economical water and energy consumption, the three new models in the high-end HANSA|LIVING segment fit perfectly into any upscale private bathroom and the modern property sector.