HANSA scores a hat trick

HANSA awarded iF Design Award for three products

Stuttgart, February 2014. HANSA put its design competence to the test three times at once: the fittings manufacturer received awards for the HANSALOFT and HANSASTELA side-operated designer fittings and the HANSAMEDIJET FLEX hand shower. The sanitary manufacturer from Stuttgart can now proudly boast a total of ten iF Design Awards.

Of the 3,429 submissions received this year, 1,220 products were awarded the iF Product Design Award. The awards are presented based on 17 defined evaluation criteria such as design quality, degree of innovation, environmental compatibility, functionality, ergonomics and visualization of use. Outstanding design efforts have been rewarded with the iF Design Award since 1953. The awards are presented by independent juries composed of internationally renowned designers, entrepreneurs and professors. This year, three HANSA products managed to score highly with the juries at the same time:

The HANSALOFT range of fittings combines style with low water consumption

The HANSALOFT side-operated washbasin fittings are characterised by their particular, highly cubic design, which was what convinced the juries. The generously designed fittings offer the user a high level of comfort and harmonise perfectly with architecturally designed bathrooms. In addition to its minimalistic, geometric design, HANSALOFT's low water consumption of six litres a minute cannot fail to amaze.

HANSASTELA washbasin fittings – stylish and modern

side-operated received the iF Product Design Award. The washbasin fittings offer design-orientated customers an attractive alternative to the joystick-operated model and appeal to the trend for side-operated fittings at the same time. The characteristic, rectangular spout can be swivelled and thus ensures additional user comfort at the washbasin. At the same time, the striking feature of the fitting is its resource-saving character: it only uses six litres of water a minute.

The HANSAMEDIJET FLEX hand shower is distinguished by its ergonomic design and soft-touch surface

HANSAMEDIJET FLEX also received the iF Product Design Award. The innovative hand shower is distinguished by its flexible handling and a handy soft-touch surface, which allows the shower to sit perfectly in your hand and prevents it from slipping. The 360° rotatable bow-shaped handle guarantees the flexible handling: this makes showering yourself or someone else both simple and safe.

The awards were presented on 28th February 2014 in the scope of the “Munich Creative Business Week”. The competition entries that won the awards will be on display for the first time at the iF Design Exhibition in Hamburg.