HANSA with new kitchen mixer programme

HANSAPROTEC system maintains the quality of the drinking water – Matching series for kitchen and bathroom – Wide range of designs

HANSA is presenting a new range of kitchen mixers at the ISH. This broad and varied programme is the first time that all the HANSA bathroom series have also been available for the kitchen. The kitchen mixers scored for the exceptional quality of their materials, manufacture and technology. What is absolutely new is the low lead content in the alloy, which the manufacturer has kept well below the legal limits. The water quality is retained, and the consumer is guaranteed unimpeded drinking water pleasure. And what’s more, the new mixers are also extremely economical (9 l/min).

The new range will be on the market from the middle of 2013. With a broad selection of high-quality kitchen mixers, HANSA has the perfect solution for the most diverse requirements. Practical: the bathroom and kitchen programmes are perfectly matched to each other. The quality manufacturer has the matching counterpart for the kitchen for every bathroom mixer series in the HANSA|HOME and HANSA|LIVING segments. Now there is nothing in the way of a matching design language that harmoniously connects the living areas of the bathroom and kitchen with each other!

HANSAPROTEC: High-quality materials preserve water quality 
Water quality is almost more important in the kitchen than anywhere else. HANSAPROTEC means: the new HANSA kitchen mixers are notable for their high-quality, long-lasting materials that rule out the risk of any impact on the drinking water. The company only uses brass alloy MS 63, which is highly resistant to dezincification and resistant to corrosion, for all water channel components. None of the brass components that come into contact with drinking water contain more than 0.3% lead, and none are coated in nickel. This means that HANSA remains well below the legally required limits. Furthermore, all the new mixers in the HANSA|HOME segment are fitted with the WATER SAFE Hitec functional core, which is made of synthetic materials that are tested to W-270 and comply with the now stricter guidelines – an additional guarantee for the preservation of water quality.

Low consumption: just 9 litres a minute 
The HANSAPROTEC system also includes the careful use of the precious resource that water is. With a consumption of just 9 litres a minute, the new kitchen mixers are exemplary in their economy.

Expressive and individual: HANSA|LIVING for exclusive kitchen worlds
The five HANSA|LIVING series for the kitchen are perfect for sophisticated, design-oriented kitchen worlds, and add accents to the sink unit. New additions to the range are the series HANSALIGNA and HANSARONDA, which take up the characteristic design of the bathroom series. With the high, slender body, they are particularly appealing to look at. The swivel spout also makes them extremely comfortable to use. The HANSARONDA offers an exception wealth of variants: with one model that is controlled from the side and another from the top, and the extendable hand spray as an option, it opens up a wide range of possibilities in kitchen design.

Functional and proven: HANSA|HOME segment for classic kitchens 
With ten different series, including five innovations, the HANSA|HOME segment also offers a wide range of choices in looks and price. The programme includes mixer series in a classic or modern design language. The products are all notable for the high level of convenience in use and the robust HANSA quality. A hot-water limiter prevents scalds, and so provides additional safety.