HANSACARE: the new and safe thermostat for the care sector

Surface–mounted thermostat with ergonomic wing handles and a new connection system – thermal disinfection without handle removal

Bathrooms for ill or care patients ought to be particularly safe, hygienic and convenient. The new HANSACARE thermostat has been designed specifically for the care sector and features impressively intelligent technology: a hot water limiter offers reliable scald protection and can be individually adjusted while at the same time the new connection system with its three-fold seal provides for even greater usage safety. A major hygiene benefit: The “hot water rinse” can be conducted easily and quickly as well as without having to dismantle the handle.

Hot water limiter: extremely safe and individually adjustable
At HANSACARE nomen est omen: a safety limiter preset at 38°C protects users against scalding when showering. In the event that a lower or higher maximum temperature is required, the hot water limiter can be simply reset without any difficulty, to 36°C for example. What is new is that the user cannot override the maximum temperature autonomously – that equates to optimum safety and the risk-free interaction with water for care patients. Important: externally too, the metal body of the new thermostat does not get hot; the special hot water channelling inside the thermostat caters for this.

Thermal disinfection: easy and without handle removal

In order to assure the necessary level of drinking water hygiene in hospitals and care facilities, the new HANSACARE thermostat is ideally suited for simple thermal disinfection in compliance with DVGW W 551. A clear operational benefit the HANSA product offers: it is not necessary to dismantle the handle but instead it suffices to insert a special disengagement key. In this way the internal mechanism is set in motion with showers and mixers then being reliably rinsed with hot water at a temperature of at least 70°C. Time is moreover saved: the maximum temperature automatically resets to the level set previously once thermal disinfection has been completed.

Convenient operation thanks to top quality and design
Two grips on the volume and temperature selection handle ensure that the user’s hand does not slip. Thanks to these “wings” the ergonomically shaped handles - manufactured via the zinc die-cast method – offer a particularly firm grip. Due to the special method of manufacture applied, the metal handles are exceptionally stable and ideally suited for the stress and strain of everyday hospital and care home use. The soft edges and transitions moreover prevent injury and unnecessary deposits while at the same time making the thermostat hygienic, easy to clean and safe.

Further testimony to the special quality of HANSA products is the extreme durability of the temperature stop ring: it exceeds the requirements to DIN EN 1111 by 300 percent – and as a result caters for even greater safety in the sensitive area of bathrooms for patients. The features the new innovative products offers are rounded off by the new connection system: the connections are hidden and offer three-fold sealing - a clear hygiene benefit as germs cannot collect behind the covers due to the optimum sealing.

HANSACARE range: comprehensive and economical in use

The HANSACARE thermostat range encompasses surface-mounted thermostats for showers, baths and, specifically for CARE sector usage, a washbasin option with a long, pivoting spout. What all HANSA thermostats have in common: they reach the set temperature immediately and as a result save up to 60 percent in terms of the water and energy used, as compared with a conventional two-handle mixer.