HANSAMIX: the pros’ favorite

Solid, safe and easy to fit

Stuttgart, August 2015. Easy fitting and satisfied customers: Hansa knows exactly what counts for professional plumbers. It is not for nothing that the long-established manufacturer has been chosen as the number one specialist craft brand for the 19th time in succession. The best example of the perfect balance between safe fitting, universal design and high-end product quality is provided by the proven classic HANSAMIX mixer.

The average customer wants a bathroom that can be used by all generations and that gives him/her many years of joy. This wish can be granted by durable, top-quality products with reliable functionality and timeless design. With HANSAMIX, one of the most successful single-lever mixer series, specialized fitters have access to a product solution, which perfectly satisfies these requirements and which is also particularly easy to fit and designed for universal use. 

Perfect function and exclusive materials
HANSAMIX stands for reliable long-term operation, highest quality and carefree water pleasure. For the inner workings of the fitting, we only use materials, which guarantee optimal drinking water hygiene: all brass parts that come into contact with drinking water are nickel-free and the processed plastics, such as the WATER SAFE Hitec functional core, consist of certified synthetic materials.

Environmentally friendly consumption
The integrated HANSAECO control cartridge limits the water flow quantity to eight liters per minute, while the water pressure-independent jet forming function retains the full level of comfort. Additional potential savings are offered by the intelligent “dual transmission”; when the fitting is first opened, a low resistance is created, which limits the water flow to just 6 liters per minute. The activatable hot-water limiter ensures that HANSAMIX can be used by all generations, as it protects children and senior citizens against scalding. At the same time, this function also helps save energy by automatically reducing the amount of warm water used.