HANSA’s new X/O philosophy – greater freedom in bathroom design

Choice between angular and round rosettes for HANSA|LIVING mixers – Easy realisation of consistent room concepts


The Stuttgart-based manufacturer presents additional design variants for the washbasin, bath, shower and bidet in its new X/O philosophy. The ‘X’ represents the use of an angular rosette as the support, while the ‘O' stands for the use of round shapes. The X/O ‘building box’ for the design-oriented series in the HANSA|LIVING concept now makes it easier to design a consistently minimalistic or harmoniously rounded bathroom – nothing stands in the way of the implementation of a uniform bathroom concept.

The X/O philosophy can give the bathroom a clear, architectural look or, for those who prefer it, make it softer and more traditional. One clear advantage for customers, planners and tradespeople: the supports in this new design philosophy are round and angular rosettes. Endless planning options can be created by combining them with the basic products. For instance, a bathroom created using the HANSAVAROX concealed solution can either be independently minimalistic and angular or harmoniously rounded – within the same series.

Modern and straight lined: angular design options for HANSA|LIVING mixers
From June 2013, HANSA will have angular rosettes for side- and centrally controlled washbasin mixers in its range of products. The angular rosettes are also available for shower, bidet and bath mixers in the HANSA|LIVING series HANSASTELA, HANSARONDA, HANSADESIGNO, HANSALIGNA and HANSALOFT.

For people who want a clear, puristic bathroom concept, these new rosettes are the perfect way to achieve their desire without fuss. For instance, the appearance of a washbasin mixer can easily be adapted to the desired modern architectural design language in the bathroom by combining it with the angular rosettes. This effect can be further reinforced by choosing a square overhead shower such as the HANSAVIVA. More delightful combinations can be achieved by combining LIVING mixers with the concealed systems HANSAMATRIX and HANSAVAROX.

Soft and harmonious: round design options for HANSA|LIVING mixers 
The harmoniously rounded shapes help to create a uniform overall look. The mixers are integrative, and do not dominate within the overall concept. In combination with HANSA’s round overhead showers, particular emphasis is given to the balanced overall concept, creating a harmonious unit – just the thing for a haven of relaxation.

The X/O philosophy will be available from June 2013.