HANSASENSeTION for bathroom and kitchen

HANSA presents new series that focuses on non-contact mixers – safe, intuitive, hygienic operation for every generation

The new HANSASENSeTION mixers make body care easier, are more hygienic and appeal for the use of high-quality materials and their low water and energy consumption. Thanks to the four new product families HANSAFIT, HANSACONCERTO, HANSALANO and HANSAFORSENSES, which are available under the umbrella term “HANSASENSeTION”, it is now possible to furnish the entire bathroom and the kitchen in the same look. As well as being ideal for use in the private bathroom, the new HANSASENSeTION mixers are also perfect for use in semi-public and public sanitary areas.

HANSASENSeTION, the name of the new mixer series, is the programme. On the one hand, “SENS” stands for sensible functionality, and on the other for sensuous experiences. The “e” is a reference to the electronics that provide non-contact operation. Water starts to flow automatically as soon as the hands approach the mixer – always in the right amount and at the right temperature. This easy, economical use of water and energy is made possible by proven non-contact sensor technology. The distance between the sensors and an object is measured – and not, as with other infrared sensors, an object’s reflection. This means that HANSA’s sensors are more resistant to disturbing influences, such as diffuse lighting conditions. The flow of water is initiated once the hand is held within a defined area under the spout. Non-contact mixers have another significant advantage. Because the flow of water stops automatically, water is never left flowing without supervision. This helps to save the consumption of drinking water and increases safety in the bathroom or sanitary facility; if a drain happens to be closed or blocked, there is no risk of flooding.

HANSAFIT – the right solution for every use
In addition to the non-contact basin fittings, the comprehensive range in HANSAFIT also consists of three lever mixers: classic, with the separate Tiptronik-Flex button for easy remote operation, or with the Bidette hand shower as a mobile water source. Plus there is a bath and shower thermostat; a shower set with and a model without a fixed handle, and a hand shower in the matching series design. The kitchen range includes two hybrid mixers for the sink, one with an electronic dishwasher valve.

HANSAFIT on the washstand
All three washstand mixers in the new HANSAFIT series for the bathroom share the ergonomically optimised overall concept that was developed by HANSA in co-operation with GGT, the German Association for Gerontotechnology. Thanks to the use of a composite material that is also used by the medical industry, is especially firm and chemically resistant, the new washstand mixers are also longer-lasting and stronger. The high quality, lead-free materials that the company uses for all water-carrying components provide the optimum drinking water hygiene.

The non-contact version of the HANSAFIT is notable for its universal, compact design, which makes it suitable for small washstands in the private bathroom, for use in public areas and the commercial sector. With a water consumption of just 4.8 litres per minute, it also makes an important contribution to preserving natural resources. The manually adjustable hot water limiter and the practical function that automatically switches the mixer water flow off after a maximum of 2 minutes provide even more safety in the bathroom.

The three lever mixer versions of the HANSAFIT are notable for the eye-catching handle: it has a Soft-Touch surface, which means it is easy to hold and non-slip. The material is also heat-insulated and nickel-free - of particular benefit to allergy-sufferers. HANSA provides easy safety on all lever mixer models with individually adjustable hot water limiters and water volume restriction. The version with the HANSATIPTRONIK FLEX button is the perfect solution for those who desire ultra fast operation. The system is cleverly combined with a control unit – HANSATIPTRONIK FLEX – that is connected to the thermostatically controlled mixer unit under the washstand and can be positioned freely anywhere in the room. General advantage: the temperature is pre-set, and the water flow stops after a maximum of 15 seconds. The third lever mixer in the HANSAFIT series gives the user clear added valuable thanks to the combination with a practical hand shower. The shower can be fitted flexibly, for instance next to the washstand or the WC, and so offers optimum ease of use. It is ideal for washing hair, filling containers, cleaning items, intimate hygiene, and showering other people or animals.

HANSAFIT in the bath and shower
The HANSAFIT shower rail sets are suitable for private bathrooms as well as commercial and care home use, where the firmly attached holding bar provides additional safety. The sets are perfect for combining with the HANSAFIT shower and bath thermostats. The thermostats have an integrated hot water limiter that keeps the temperature at 38°C to protect the user against scalds when showering and bathing – and the THERMO COOL function also prevents the housing from heating up thanks to a special channel for the hot water routes on the inside. Furthermore, the contrasting, easy to use control elements with Soft-Touch surfaces guarantee a safe, non-slip grip. Thanks to the optimised water flow, the new hand shower in the series provides environmentally-friendly showering pleasure. It is also fitted with anti-limescale nubs, and offers the user the choice of three different spray types.

HANSAFIT for the kitchen
The new HANSAFIT hybrid mixer has been carefully planned down to the tiniest detail, and will enhance any modern kitchen. It has two ergonomically shaped, particularly easy to use levers with Soft-Touch surfaces for the easy adjustment of the flow quantity of hot and cold water. The additional non-contact function ensures that mixed water flows for a pre-set length of time – ideal for hygienic working in the kitchen and a quick hand-wash at any time. The water temperature can be pre-set directly on the mixer using the anthracite-coloured ring, and appears in the display. The display has a further safety function: it tells the user if the temperature of the water is too hot and there is a risk of scalding.

HANSACONCERTO – washstand mixers for the most diverse requirements
With a wide range of options, the HANSACONCERTO mixer series fulfils every requirement for non-contact washstand mixers. It is available as a mixer or cold water mixer, and for battery and mains connection. A model can also be used with an additional plinth riser as a free standing mixer for top-mounted washbasins. Another option is a tempered battery for wall mounting with a swivel spout.

Its compact, gently rounded design and tremendous functionality makes the HANSACONCERTO a visual highlight, both in private bathrooms and in semi-public and public areas. Two versions of the HANSACONCERTO are fitted with automatic rinse functions specifically for use in commercial applications. If the mixer is not being used, every 72 hours it will automatically rinse itself for about 30 seconds. This function reduces the risk of water stagnating in the pipes, and guarantees a consistently high quality of drinking water.

HANSALANO – design and comfort for every bathroom ambience
Thanks to its timeless yet modern design, the elegant HANSALANO washstand mixer blends beautifully with any bathroom ambience, but also looks just as good in the kitchen, perhaps as a second mixer. The non-contact operation of this elegant mixer makes it particularly user-friendly. However, the electronics are not only used for comfort, but also ensure that the shiny chrome surface remains free of fingerprints and always looks perfect. Less cleaning effort is required, while the hand hygiene meets even the highest standards. Thanks to its economical use of water and energy, HANSALANO is not only suitable for private bathrooms, but also integrates perfectly with high-quality sanitary objects in semi-public areas. Adjusting the water temperature is easy and precise. The mixer only runs 6 litres of water per minute. The HANSALANO is operated by a 6 volt battery, and is very low-maintenance.

HANSAFORSENSES – enjoy shower luxury with a clear conscience
A large hydra rain shower head of 238 mm diameter and a hand shower with massage function are key features of HANSAFORSENSES, and turn the daily shower into a wellness experience. The integrated shelf that keeps soap and shampoo close at hand adds to the comfort level in the shower. Perfect for contemporary bathroom design, the shelf in a modern high-gloss white adds exceptional accents.

One particular feature of the shower system is the combination of high shower comfort and economical water consumption. HANSAFORSENSES appeals for its unique water saving function with a playful component that further enhances the showering pleasure. The clever Tiptronik button uses coloured light signals to indicate the ideal shower length – green is the environmentally friendly one, red has a higher consumption – and also acts as a flow adjuster. Just a touch of a finger is all it takes to start the water flow for 4 minutes. However, it can be stopped or lengthened as desired. The thermostat of the shower system controls the water temperature, protects against scalding thank to the safety device at 38°C and the THERMO COOL function. It is easy to change the water flow from overhead shower to hand shower and back using the integrated changeover.