How the loo is evolving

Toilet habits: Modern intimate hygiene

Stuttgart, September 2016. Average toilet paper consumption in Germany is 15 kilos per head per year, and this figure is growing. But it is a rare customer who thinks about how unnecessary this enormous and environmentally-harmful level of consumption is and about the alternatives to the traditional toilet routine. Plumbers know that there is another option for intimate hygiene! A more economical, gentle and hygienic way – a contemporary method.

Rolls of perforated toilet paper like those we know today have been around since the late 19th Century. We use eight sheets of paper on average each time we go to the toilet.
Why do so many people find it so difficult to move away from this hygiene procedure?
Are there no alternatives? Yes, there are!
The evolution of the loo cannot be stopped. The trend is moving towards water cleansing with a spa feeling – and the flexible functional shower from HANSA is the perfect solution.
Very few people know that gentle intimate cleansing with fresh water not only gives a clean feeling, but also prevents diseases and skin irritation in this sensitive part of the body. 
It is only here in the West that water cleaning is unknown, anyway – in other cultures it is extremely common. And rightly so. After all, there is nothing more pleasant, gentle and healthy for the skin than clear water.

Modern intimate hygiene
For customers who have the highest standards when it comes to cleansing in the toilet but do not want to switch to a shower WC, plumbers recommend the flexible functional shower from HANSA.
As well as enabling simple, hygienic and absolutely modern body cleansing, it also saves valuable resources that are needed to produce toilet paper, such as wood, water, energy and CO2. 
Not only that: HANSA's flexible functional shower is also extremely easy to use. Mounted under the basin and next to the WC, it has a range of around 1.50 metres and can be conveniently pulled over to the WC.
The combination of the remote-controlled HANSA flexible functional shower and the HANSAFIT basin fitting makes intimate hygiene even more convenient: simply remove the flexible functional shower from its holder, pull towards the WC and press the lever on the handle. The water flow begins straight away at the preset temperature. 
HANSAFIT and the flexible functional shower also have excellent ergonomic features, with lever elements in contrasting colours and with non-slip, insulating soft touch surfaces. Both sit perfectly and comfortably in the hand.