Intelligent fittings for young and old

Intuitive handling

Stuttgart, July 2015. In 2030, 7.8 million Germans will be older than 60. This demographic development demands new concepts in bathroom design. The trend is moving towards multigenerational solutions. Specialized craftsmen, who want to allow both young and old to use water in an uncomplicated manner, are advising touch-free fittings. HANSACONCERTO is not only intuitive to operate and absolutely safe, but at the same time appears in the universal design.     

Triggered by the shift in the population pyramid, the bathroom is also beginning to change: it is being flexibly adapted to the life circumstances of its users. With its touch-free washbasin mixer series HANSACONCERTO, HANSA is providing sanitary fitters and retailers with an optimal product solution for customers with multigenerational requirements.

The series with a compact and universal design comprises numerous electronic model variants, with a choice of mains or battery power, which ensure comfortable and hygienic use and efficient consumption.

Intelligent operation for absolute safety
As a sensory fitting, HANSACONCERTO makes a significant contribution to the safety of the user. Water will automatically begin to flow if the user approaches the sensor-controlled fitting with their hands – always the right amount and always at the default comfortable temperature of 38 degrees Celsius. This means scalding will not occur. In addition, since no direct contact is required to operate the fitting, no bacteria are transferred. This makes using the fitting particularly hygienic.