Kitchen and bathroom in one style

Coordinated design

Stuttgart/Frankfurt am Main – The individual preferences of tenants are just as diverse as the construction situations on-site are different. Fittings which harmoniously blend into a wide variety of architectural and interior design styles are thus in demand – and in both the kitchen and the bathroom. HANSA is offering two fittings lines with a coordinated design in order to respond to these demands.

Whether products for the washbasin, bidet and shower, exposed and concealed fittings for the bathtub or even various sink mixers for the kitchen – the lines from the HANSA|HOME and HANSA|LIVING segments impress with their outstanding wealth of product variants. They have the perfect solution for each and every individual taste and all spatial circumstances.
The concept of coordinated design provides tenants, developers, planners and architects as well as installers with very particular added value here. A consistent and contemporary design principle which runs through the HANSAPINTO, HANSAPOLO, HANSADESIGNO and HANSASIGNATUR fittings lines, for example, like a common thread. Bathrooms and kitchens can thus be kept in a uniform style and all living areas can harmonize with each other. 
Practical: whether washbasin products, solutions for the shower and the bathtub, or sink mixers – customers receive everything from a single source. There is no need to find another service provider and no time is lost drawing up tendering documents. The diverse variants are also perfectly suited to upgrading apartments as part of pipework renovations.