back to Overview The technical highlight is the integrated LED bar. This counts down like a timer and provides information about the water flow time. Photo: Hansa Armaturen GmbH
The technical highlight is the integrated LED bar. This counts down like a timer and provides information about the water flow time. Photo: Hansa Armaturen GmbH

Kitchen boom – more and more Germans are investing

Top-quality sink mixers by HANSA

Stuttgart – More and more Germans are investing in their own homes – and particularly in a functional, flexible and smart kitchen-cum-living-area.* The demands placed upon the fittings are high. With regard to sink mixers, more and more people are thus looking for products which impress with their design, technology and comfort.

The economic recession has not only brought about prolonged low interest rates which mean that saving is no longer as profitable, but it has also encouraged many consumers to change their consumption habits. And the kitchen market has profited from this development: since quality is increasingly becoming the top priority in German households, new sales records are being set particularly in the higher-end segments. As the fittings in the kitchen are becoming more and more valuable, the center of life in our homes is slowly shifting towards the kitchen itself: indeed, it is the place where the average German spends more than three hours each and every day cooking and enjoying time with their family and friends**.

Quality and comfort at the sink

To ensure that sanitary installers can do justice to the demands of the modern consumer, HANSA attaches great importance to quality, flexibility and comfort in the kitchen segment. The best example of this is the ALESSI Sense by HANSA.
What is special about it? The mixer encourages interaction with its intuitive operation. There is a semi-transparent touch pad located on its surface. A short press with the finger is enough to activate the mixer; the water will then flow for approximately six seconds. If the touch pad is pressed for longer, the flow of water will only stop after a minute. However, the mixer can also be manually stopped at any time by pressing the pad with the finger again. The technical highlight? An integrated LED bar on the touch pad provides visual feedback on the current setting and counts down like a timer. This intelligent functionality promotes positive daily rituals. The user gets a feel for how long the water will actually flow and thus learns to take a more conscious approach to the precious resource. This ensures that the operation of the mixer is particularly environmentally-friendly and provides every household with the opportunity to economize in an ecological manner.
The temperature controller, which also serves as a flow restrictor at the same time, is located on the right-hand side of the mixer. Particularly practical: the mixer can also be activated by means of the temperature controller in order to get either hot or cold water without the flow of water being automatically stopped.

Award-winning exemplary design
The ALESSI Sense by HANSA fitting, which is available as a kitchen model and as a washbasin variant for the bathroom, is the result of a strong and inspirational partnership between the Italian Factory of Design Alessi and fittings manufacturer HANSA.
The creative mind behind the fitting is designer Rodrigo Torres. The Colombian understands how to blend together form and function in a seemingly synergetic manner and has even been presented with the 2016 Red Dot Award in the “Product Design” category for the washbasin model. In the realization of the fitting, Torres found it important to create an object which is both simple and intuitive to operate: “At a time when the careful use of our most precious natural resource should take top priority, objects such as the ALESSI Sense by HANSA represent an exemplary advancement”. 

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**Welt, „Die Küche ist des Deutschen neuer Porsche“, Januar 2015.