Needs-based setting of HANSA fittings via mobile app

Added value in terms of operation and servicing

Stuttgart/Frankfurt am Main – As a strong partner to the specialized trade, HANSA develops innovative solutions in order to make the work of sanitary installers and building technicians as simple as possible. With the new app, they are now able to quickly adjust the settings of the fitting to altered user requirements and to service them at the touch of a button.

The HANSA App is initially compatible with three models from the new HANSAELECTRA fittings line, the sensory-operated HANSAMEDIPRO variants and the new HANSAEMOTION Wellfit shower system. The user of the app is able to optimally tailor the functions of the fittings or the shower system to the individual preferences of the customer.
To do this, the installer or technician first of all must activate the Bluetooth function on their mobile end device. The installed HANSA products will be automatically found and registered by the app – within a range of up to ten meters.
Once the desired product has been selected, information about its individual settings appears on the display of the smartphone* or the tablet PC**. Taking HANSAELECTRA as an example, the display shows the amount of water consumed, the time until it is next rinsed and a calendar feature for automatic rinsing, amongst other things.
Continuing with HANSAELECTRA, installers and technicians can also program the water flow time, the intervals between and the duration of the automatic rinsing function, and the sensor sensitivity and distance, amongst other things – with just a few finger movements.

By using the HANSA app, the effort required for adjusting the various functions is significantly reduced. A report function also makes technical documentation and servicing much easier.
Additional added value: since the fittings and the shower system may be adjusted individually, they are more attractive for potential customers. The app allows installers and technicians to impress by providing a service in keeping with the latest trends.

The HANSA app can be downloaded for free as an iOS version in the App Store – in German, English and Finnish. An Android release will follow.

 *Available for iPhone 4S and any more recent models

**Available iPad 3rd generation and any more recent models