back to Overview The installation of the new concealed solution is optimally oriented towards the requirements of the professionals.
The installation of the new concealed solution is optimally oriented towards the requirements of the professionals.

New concealed system for optimum mounting


Stuttgart, December 2015. Concealed systems are and will always be the domain of the specialist trade. In close cooperation with professionals in the sanitary industry, Hansa has developed a new and universal concealed system for all lever mixer lines and thermostats in the HANSA|LIVING and HANSA|HOME series: HANSABLUEBOX has been meticulously adapted to the requirements of the processor and guarantees completely satisfied customers thanks to its great ability to be seamlessly integrated.

The concealed system HANSABLUEBOX impresses with its maximum ease of mounting. It is optimally designed for all common installation systems and types and is suitable for every surface.

The installation of the HANSABLUEBOX base unit greatly facilitates the mounting procedure. This has been developed in accordance with the “plug socket” principle. This means that only the base unit is installed in the wall in the shell construction phase. Design and functionality can be determined later. The fitter can thus respond to different fitting situations and fulfil consumer requirements with just one single concealed system. The customer profits from this with less capital tied-up in the construction phase and a great deal of flexibility.


The installation of the new concealed solution is also optimally oriented towards the requirements of the professionals: HANSABLUEBOX has a rotationally symmetric structure with optional ½-inch or ¾-inch inputs. With a comfortable 31 millimeter distance from the connection to the wall and a broad scope of between 75 and 105 millimeters where installation depth is concerned, it offers maximum installation freedom.

Particularly practical: points of support for the spirit level, a central mandrel for spot-welding structural panels and gills.


Great deal of functional safety, long service life

All function units with diverter and/or shutter are fitted with the ceramic BLUESWITCH diverter. This ensures a great deal of functional safety under all pressure conditions, simple and clearly understandable operation and last but not least a long service life. In addition, only one replacement part is required for the complete product program.

Screwed function units with captive screws provide yet further safety advantages.

HANSABLUEBOX 100 percent fulfils the DIN EN 1717 mounting standards for removed bathtub spouts – with an extremely low minimum mounting height of 240mm.


Final mounting made easy

Just like the basic installation, final mounting can also be carried out in a particularly time-saving and functionally safe manner. An example: the connection of the diverter between the function unit and trim kit can be directly and straightforwardly mounted across the entire installation depth without cumbersome uncoupling thanks to a telescopic connection. The new BLUECLICK rosette holder fixes the rosettes without screws but yet safely to the wall – even on an uneven surface – using form-fitted sockets. Unique: thanks to the standard BLUETUNE function, the rosette can be recalibrated up to 3.5 degrees in every direction during final mounting. This means that fitters can reliably and simply achieve parallelism to the tile joints, which is required for square rosettes.


As a partner to the trade, HANSA does not leave its customers on their own, even in troublesome or problematic situations. There is thus a reverse adapter for the waterways – with which the outlets can also be swapped – and an extension kit available to the customer.


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