New freedom for the bathroom

Design and function in perfect harmony

Stuttgart, July 2015. Demographic change is a key issue in the sanitary sector. When building a new bathroom or modernising an existing one, the needs of the users at various stages of life are increasingly important alongside the design. The furnishings need to work across the generations, meeting the highest standards of comfort and freedom of movement. Innovative and functional fitting solutions, such as HANSAFIT with the Bidetta hand shower and Tiptronik-Flex button, provide maximum user-friendliness.

The intelligent washbasin mixer HANSAFIT from the HANSASENSeTION range promises even greater comfort and freedom for private bathrooms – for every generation. Ergonomic and easy and safe to use, HANSAFIT is an outstanding addition to any modern bathroom environment, in which design and functionality need to be in perfect harmony. Its contemporary look allows it to be integrated into any individual furnishing style.

The special ECO button on the lever, marked in colour, is characteristic of the mixer. When the button is pressed, the maximum water flow is reduced by 50 per cent to a very economical six litres per minute. 

Greater flexibility thanks to Bidetta hand shower
The Bidetta mobile hand shower provides the greatest possible flexibility in the bathroom. Mounted under the washbasin, it has a range of 1.50 metres, giving the user new options for use, such as for washing intimate areas, filling tall containers or washing hair in the washbasin. 

(Remote) operation with the Tiptronik-Flex button is child’s play
Easy to reach, even for young bathroom users and people with limited mobility: the Tiptronik-Flex button. This practical addition can be positioned anywhere on the washbasin and works like a remote control. When it is pressed, water premixed to a pleasant temperature begins to flow – with no need to open the mixer lever. The mixer switches off automatically after six seconds.