Newly-sized quality

HANSAPICO: Elegant, robust, safe

Stuttgart, July 2016. From visionary designer fittings to proven, traditional bathroom solutions – as a German quality brand with over 100 years of tradition, HANSA is setting standards in the sanitary industry. The fittings in the HANSA|HOME series stand for flexibility and diversity when it comes to design. The best example: the newly-sized HANSAPICO washbasin mixer for maximum freedom of design and supreme comfort.

As part of the Finnish Oras Group, HANSA makes use of existing synergies to develop intelligent products. Thanks to this innovative strength, our closeness to the trade and end users and our extraordinary range of services, HANSA is one of the best-known craftsman brands in Germany. 

With select materials, intelligent technology and elegant products, HANSA offers the perfect fitting for all requirements – always tailored to individual needs, always designed to the highest quality standards. Amongst other things, this becomes clear with sensible product extensions, such as the current new introduction: HANSAPICO with a body which is 20 millimeters taller. 

The extended body not only impresses with its greater presence on the washbasin, but also offers optimal user comfort and greater freedom for hands under the fitting. The well-balanced HANSAPICO core range offers harmonious solutions for showers, baths and bidets; it ensures that you can achieve a uniform fittings landscape in the entire bathroom and is optically striking thanks to its gentle inclinations, dynamic style and smooth forms.  

Just like all lines in the HANSA|HOME series, the HANSAPICO stands out thanks to its sound quality when it comes to material, technology and workmanship – you could say true German product quality. At the same time, it is fashionably economical: with its integrated stream former, the water flow rate is limited to six liters per minute – for a conscious approach towards the valuable resource water.

Uniform design in the bathroom and kitchen
We have taken a holistic approach towards the HANSAPICO line. There are thus also two variants for the washbasin, which allows the bathroom and kitchen to be designed with a uniform fittings landscape. Whether the traditional version with a long swivel spout or the new unconventional high-rise variant with the arched tall spout – HANSA offers the perfect product for every taste.