Outstanding design with practical benefits


Stuttgart/Frankfurt am Main – The name Alessi is synonymous with perfectly formed design and practical benefits – in a wide variety of sectors all over the world. It is now also inextricably linked to HANSA. Germany’s No. 1 Trade Partner* has established a cooperation with the Italian Factory of Design. The goal? Product innovations which combine aesthetic design with intuitive operation and intelligent technology. One of the first results of the cooperation is the ALESSI Sense by HANSA fittings line for the kitchen and the bathroom. 

ALESSI Sense by HANSA comprises top-quality fittings for use on sinks and washbasins. Its imaginative creator – the renowned designer Rodrigo Torres – developed a product family in which form and function blend together in a synergetic manner. When the range was being developed and designed, encouraging people to be more responsible when using water was one of the main aims. This is made possible by an intelligent electronic operating system which encourages the user to interact.

Saving water at the touch of a button
The white surface of ALESSI Sense by HANSA comprises a semi-transparent plate. This can be operated just like a button. If the plate is pressed briefly, the water flow is activated for six seconds; if the plate is pressed for longer, the water flow is activated for one minute. An integrated LED bar provides visual information on the current setting and counts down like a timer. The fitting can be manually closed at any time by pressing on the plate again. This ensures that the water can be switched on and off either in a traditional manner or automatically just like with a self-closing valve. The temperature may be adjusted by means of the side-operated mixing valve.
With a flow rate of four liters or eight liters, the ALESSI Sense by HANSA washbasin and kitchen mixers are extremely economical. Furthermore, all surfaces which come into contact with water are not coated with nickel – a bonus when it comes to drinking water hygiene. 
A special feature of the ALESSI Sense by HANSA kitchen mixer is an electronic appliance socket which automatically switches off the water flow after three or twelve hours. Equally practical: the spout may be swiveled – by up to 120 degrees. This ensures that the mixer can be optimally adapted to a wide range of different sinks.

Outstanding design
The fact that elegance and function blend together clearly and harmoniously in the ALESSI Sense by HANSA range has already been officially recognized: the stylish washbasin mixer by designer Torres received the 2016 Red Dot Award in the “Product Design” category.

*Source: the readers of markt intern, the industry information service for the German specialized trade, rated Hansa as the “No. 1 Trade Partner” for the 20th time in succession in the 2016 “Performance Review of Sanitary Fittings” – a review which is conducted every two years.