Simple, safe and fast installation

HANSAPINTO with the innovative HANSA 3S installation system

Stuttgart/Frankfurt am Main – As a strong partner to the trade, HANSA understands the needs of the professionals. We know that, when the order books are full and capacities are being fully utilized, sanitary fitters require products which offer a real added value to complete their daily work professionally and precisely. It is of the utmost importance here that products can be installed simply, safely and quickly. That is why HANSA has developed a truly unique system: the new 3S installation system which is being used for the first time with the new HANSAPINTO. The system ensures that washbasin mixers can be fitted more efficiently than ever before.

The better the solution, the simpler and faster the work. High-tech gimmicks are not what is required here, but rather technology which provides sanitary fitters with real advantages – such as the new HANSA 3S installation system, built-in to the HANSAPINTO washbasin mixer for the very first time. The 3S stands for “System für schnelle und sichere Installation” (System for Fast and Safe Installation). Fittings manufactured by HANSA already have a rapid mounting mechanism – with a spacer bolt and a nut. But the 3S installation system goes one step further: all important components required for installation, such as a locking plate, a seal and a nut, are integrated into one workpiece. This ensures that nothing can be lost. It is no longer necessary to fiddle about with small parts. Particularly in areas with difficult access, for example bathroom furniture, this offers professionals enormous gains in effectiveness. Sanitary fitters can complete all steps of installation precisely and faster than ever before. Even “blind” or one-handed installation is possible with the 3S system and without any problems whatsoever. The time required for installation can also be reduced significantly by at least fifty percent – precious time which counts. 

Install HANSAPINTO in just 3 steps with the 3S installation system
First of all, slide the 3S installation cone into the spacer bolt. Thanks to its special construction, the cone will hold itself independently on the screw thread and the fitting is now already pre-mounted. Then tighten the nut with just a few rotations and you are done – the fitting is completely installed.Practical: fittings can be dismounted just as easily as they can be mounted with the 3S installation system. Simply unfasten the nut and remove the installation cone from the spacer bolt. There is absolutely no need to unscrew the nut along the whole screw thread. The new system is suitable for installation thicknesses between 1mm and 40mm. It can thus be used on stainless steel kitchen sinks and on mounting plates.

Top-quality materials for additional added value
Only top-quality, long-lasting materials and components, which offer further added value, are built into the 3S installation system. Thanks to the ideal combination of stainless steel and high-strength fiberglass-reinforced plastic, it is guaranteed that the components have a high mechanical resistance, a high chemical resistance as well as a long service life – even when they are under extreme stress loads.

Broad range of products simplifies customer service
The modern HANSAPINTO washbasin mixer can not only be installed efficiently; it also impresses with its broad range of products. The classic single-lever mixer for the bathroom is available with a practical functional shower, as an XL version, as a side-operated model or with a swivel spout. The HANSAPINTO family also includes reliable products for the bidet, bathtub and shower as well as various sink mixers for the kitchen – whether with a pull-out hand spray, tall spout or side-operated, all customer requirements are well-served. This ensures that HANSAPINTO can be perfectly integrated into the widest variety of interior design styles. The specialized trade can benefit from a wide variety of choice, something which makes advising customers much simpler.