Stylish and modern – HANSASTELA now with side operation

Designer mixer now available with two control concepts – economical in use

HANSA offers design-oriented customers an attractive alternative to the model with joystick control while also satisfying the trend for side-operated mixers with the new side-operated version of the HANSASTELA basin mixer. The water flows from the characteristic rectangular spout in an elegant laminar jet without the addition of air. New: the spout also swivels, providing even greater ease of use. The new mixer is not only stylish, but it also saves resources: it consumes just six litres of water a minute.

Modern design and side operation – the new HANSASTELA
The Stuttgart-based brand manufacturer has added a new, modern mixer to the HANSA|LIVING segment, at the same time holding on to the exceptional design language of the HANSASTELA, the recipient of numerous renowned design awards. The most striking element is the square monolithic spout that creates a high-quality, solid effect. The jet former is not visible at first sight, but blends inconspicuously with the design. The slender appearance of the high base is created by a compact but high-performance 2.5 cartridge.

Flexible handling and extra easy to clean
The swivel spout adds even more comfort. Whether for hair-washing or for filling a tall vessel, it provides the user with additional room for manoeuvre and greater flexibility at the washbasin. The swivel spout makes it easy to precisely control the HANSASTELA side-operated, and provides comfortable water pleasure in the bathroom.

Another advantage of the side-operated version: the mixer stays clean for longer! As water drops from the hands only fall onto the basin and no longer onto the spout, the high-gloss chrome surface looks even more perfect and more elegant.

Saves resources and provides carefree drinking water pleasure
The new HANSASTELA side-operated saves the precious resource water, complying with the idea of “green responsibility”: with a water flow of just 6 litres a minute, the washstand mixer user 50 percent less water than a conventional mixer would. However, the new product is not only extremely economical – it is also pleasantly quiet (noise class 1). Thanks to the chrome-plated mixer body, which is made of the low-corrosion and low-zinc brass alloy MS 63, and the lack of nickel coatings on the water channel, carefree drinking water pleasure is guaranteed.

Clear water: HANSA laminar technology
HANSA’s laminar technology deliberately eschews the adding of air to the water. This means there are no noticeable whirls in the water, nor are there any irritating operating noises. Water simply flows into the basin, clear and pure.

Also available as an elegant concealed solution 
The new HANSASTELA side-operated is compatible with the HANSAMATRIX grid-based concealed solution, in which the technology is completely hidden behind the wall – facilitating the realisation of a wide range of bathroom worlds. The new mixer will be available from May 2013.