The new HANSAPRISMA thermostat: safe and user-friendly

Thermostat in a classically elegant design – available for shower and bath


A thermostat will enhance any bathroom interior; so will the new HANSAPRISMA thermostat, a programme extension to the HANSA|HOME segment and the variants shower and bath thermostat. Thanks to the THERMO COOL function, the outer metal housing hardly gets warm at all so the thermostat can safely be touched at any time. HANSAPRISMA minimises the risk of scalding and reduces energy consumption. And another thing: the new control concept prevents unexpected showers from above or if the hand shower is lying on the bath or shower floor.

THERMO COOL function and scald protection for greater safety in the bathroom
Thanks to the THERMO COOL function, HANSAPRISMA makes showering and bathing much safer: a special channel for the hot water routes inside the thermostat prevents the metal body from heating up on the outside. And the water stays at a pleasant temperature, too. Pre-set at 38°C, a safety device provides reliable scald protection. And when hotter water is required, all it takes is a touch of a button to deactivate the device. If desired, the temperature lock to keep the temperature at 38°C can be retrofitted. This guarantees complete safety – perfect for children and the elderly.

Optimised ease of changeover from hand to overhead shower 
Changing over made easy. The ergonomically shaped push buttons integrated in the handle are used to change from hand to overhead shower while showering – easy to use with no unexpected showers from above. Changing over from bath fill to hand shower is the same: just push the button, and enjoy clear water!

Energy-saving made easy
High level of comfort and economical in use: thermostats make an important contribution to saving water and energy. HANSA thermostats reach the set temperature in moments, saving up to 60 percent in water and energy in comparison with a conventional two-lever fitting. The new HANSAPRISMA is no exception to this: its consumption of 7 to maximum 12 litres per minute is irresistibly low.

Perfect for combining with the HANSAVIVA shower programme  
The new HANSAPRISMA thermostat is a modern classic that beautifully complements the timeless mixer series in the HANSA|HOME segment. The thermostat is perfect for combining with the HANSAVIVA shower programme, which is also designed for safety and comfort. The high quality of the HANSAPRISMA shower systems is evident in numerous details, not least in the generous HANSAVIVA overhead showers: both the round version with a diameter of 202 mm and the square one of 250 x 250 mm are made entirely of metal.