Top-class fitting for high-end bathrooms


Stuttgart, September 2015. Sophisticated bathrooms require sophisticated fittings. Hansa are now equipping specialized technicians with a truly top-class product – for exclusive customer requirements. HANSAMURANO X, the new sensory-operated design icon by Bruno Sacco, combines a unique visual appearance with intelligent, technical functionality. The innovative proximity sensor with an attractive lighting concept adds particular high-tech refinement.

The main difference between an exclusive high-end bathroom and general bathrooms is that only the highest-quality products equipped with technical refinements and optically unique elements can be found in the former. The new top-class fitting from the HANSA|EDITION series perfectly matches these requirements. Specialized technicians, whose aim is to fulfil demanding customer wishes for a high-end bathroom, recommend the new HANSAMURANO X

The man behind the idea is the renowned designer Bruno Sacco (chief designer at Daimler-Benz between 1975 and 1999), who already designed the previous model, the HANSAMURANO, in collaboration with Reinhard Zetsche, Octopus Design. HANSAMURANO X follows in the tradition of its precursor, but independently and intelligently interprets the design elements. 

Water brought to life
The wide, filigree screen of water is characteristic of the HANSAMURANO X. The central element of the exceptional design concept is the seemingly floating metal and glass body, which serves as both the control and the water outlet. The water precisely gushes out of the body into the washbasin in a wide, yet transparent laminar flow. This refined water curtain is realized by means of a special stream former. 

High-tech: sensory operation and proximity sensor
The HANSAMURANO X is turned on and off sensorily by means of an infrared sensor inside the glass body. The temperature can be individually pre-set via two sensor fields in the control element. An LED strip light provides the user with visual confirmation of his/her adjustment.

In addition, the HANSAMURANO X is equipped with an intelligent lighting/ proximity function, which works in two steps: if the user approaches the fitting, the light of the LED displays will be activated and the glass plate will gently illuminate. If the user’s hands are then close enough to the infrared sensor, brighter light will illuminate the water curtain for as long as the water is flowing. The HANSAMURANO X thus provides intelligent comfort, ensures a pure experience and offers the luxury of futuristic elegance. In the process, the usage of the architecturally minimalistic fitting remains remarkably low: just nine liters per minute.